Are you new to the harp and unsure of the first things you should work on?

Or have you been playing a while but aren’t progressing as quickly as you want?

Do the tunes you play not sound as full and rich as when you hear others playing them?

Have you focused on learning tunes but have neglected the basics of playing the harp?

  • “Logical, comprehensive, intuitive, down to earth, open, friendly & humorous. The list goes on. It’s like learning from an expert who is a good friend who cares about you. Heather never makes you feel under-valued or judges our goals as being insignificant. That nurturing (and fun) relationship is motivating and helps one to “show up” for her in every possible way. Heather is not only an excellent teacher, but a breath of fresh air.”
    Monique Klabis

  • “WE LOVE YOU!! Your teaching style is so wonderful - you help me slow down and learn things thoroughly even when I want to race ahead. Your focus on technique is really helpful to me, because that's missing in a lot of my harp education. And you're so encouraging. When you share your own mistakes and troubles, it helps me to normalize my own challenges, realize I'm not alone, and move forward. I would love for more teachers to learn how to teach in your style”
    Harmony Harrison

  • “As a high school teacher I really value it when I see someone who teaches because that's their passion. That makes all the difference. I resonate and identify with that so much and love Heather's nurturing encouragement and genuine love, together with her conscientiously developed skills for empowering everyone to succeed and grow.”
    Angela Boraston

This course will help YOU...

  • Warm-up your body and mind safely and effectively

  • Learn how to sit at the harp in the ideal position

  • Develop sound production skills so your harp sounds clearer, more defined, and richer than ever before

  • I know I can change your harping. I've taken hundreds of private and conservatoire students on this journey. The methods and materials are tried and tested. They work! And now it is your turn!!
    Let's do this together!


Heather Downie

Hi! I’m Heather and I play the harp!!

I’m an Online Teaching Specialist and the Principal Scottish Harp Tutor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I was a BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year Finalist, I’ve recorded albums and performed all over the world…..but I discovered early in my career that teaching is my passion. It brings me so much joy and fulfilment, and it is at the centre of my career as a musician. I love it so much!!

I want to help you become a better harpist, not simply teach you tunes. I want you to learn in new, exciting and successful ways. I want you to develop better technique and sound production so everything you play sounds fantastic. I want you to understand harmony so you feel confident about coming up with chords and arrangements. I want you to understand the context and history of the music you play so you can enjoy it on a deeper emotional level.

But most of all I want you to feel confident and happy in yourself and your harping. This is the the key. If you feel happy and positive about your harp journey you will play more and more…..and if you play more and more you will become the best harpist you can be!!

Does this sound like something you want too?? Well then, let me help you do it!!

Heather x

Qualifications -
First Class (Hons) BA in Scottish Music
from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Postgraduate Diploma (with distinction) in Scottish Music Performance from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
MEd Learning and Teaching in the Arts

  • “The pace and clarity and content of the lessons have been totally engaging and interesting. This is by far the best learning platform I have used.”
    Wendy Ware

  • “I’ve had my harp for about a year and only managed a couple of lessons before lockdown. I feel as though I’ve made more progress this week than in the whole of the last year."
    Morag Warr

  • “I enjoy all of Heather’s programs. She is an excellent teacher, a clear communicator and she’s fun to work with.”
    Rebecca Harrison

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Notated Exercises

    1. Foundation 1: Body and Mind Part 1

    2. Foundation 1: Body and Mind Part 2

    1. Foundation 2: Placing - Introduction

    2. Foundation 2: Placing Part 1

    3. Foundation 2: Placing Part 2

    1. Foundation 3: Plucking - Introduction

    2. Foundation 3: Plucking Part 1

    3. Foundation 3: Plucking Part 2

    1. Foundation 4: Bending Part 1

    2. Foundation 4: Bending Part 2

    1. Foundation 5: Tucking Part 1

    2. Foundation 5: Tucking Part 2

    3. Foundation 5: Tucking Part 3

About this course

  • £65.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • “Thanks for all your hard work making the course so interesting and inspiring.”
    Tasha Burns

  • “It's beyond what I expected. She is very clear, funny, good hearted, and teaches in a way the student can dive in deep and truly understand and develops him/herself into a better musician and a more happier one too. I play more and more since Iearning from Heather. It makes my heart sing I see myself develop better technique and playing and understanding music.”
    Karin den Rooijen

  • “It felt like I had a real teacher at home! Because you can really see your progress over the weeks.”
    Clémentine Rousselot



  • £65.00




  • Does my harp playing need to be at certain standard?

    No. This is suitable for any level of player as the content is focused on your own learning journey. Even advanced players will benfit from the focused learning on technique and sound production.

  • What type of harp do I need?

    The course materials are suitable for any lever or pedal harp.

  • How long do I have access to the material?

    Lifetime access for all content.

  • “I really appreciate the thoughtful details that go into Heather’s instruction. She offers more than one way to approach music and provides ways to grow. You've given us so much value for what we are paying for that I feel like I can't thank you enough.”
    Mary Frank

  • “The depth of work Heather has put into this really shows. Her passion, her knowledge and her ease of teaching, makes you feel welcome, able and supported throughout. I love the friendly, informative, well explained, carefully planned lessons which Heather excels at.”
    Corrina Hewat

  • “Heather is excellent at breaking things down into manageable chucks and making learning less daunting. She has a very personal approach, her dogs also occasionally join in the fun, and you feel you have a friend to support you through your harp learning”
    Anne Philbrow